Two months ago we introduced the Reward Points System in order to provide an ongoing sample book replenishment system. Your response and take up has been brilliant, just as we had expected.

Originally we had intended to attach the reward points to your accounts on a six month interval but this means that many are, whilst supporting us with business, missing out on the limited offers whilst they wait for the next point drop. So within the next few days you will receive notice of points added to your account based on July/August/September spend and thereafter they will be added within 48 hours of the end of a calendar month. i.e the points will be added monthly. 

Also the points will now be indexed at 10pts per £1000 spend and 10pts = £10 of claimable value. We are doing this increased points extension now in preparation for a whole new concept that we will be introducing for 2022.

As a tip we would recommend that you use your points as soon as you can on the special packs as we cannot guarantee that these offers will be repeatable going forward.

Thank you for your ongoing support.