About Us

Introducing Blinds Local

www.blindslocal.com is a trading name of Blinds Local Ltd, a company within the Abbey Blinds Group, established since 1991, extending a window blind manufacturing experience into the trade, associated trade and a wider national agent network. Production is separated between two factory sites one of which is dedicated to wholesale and trade.

We offer our wares with the complimentary addition of industry knowledge and IT abilities to ensure that anyone who enters into a business relationship with us has the backup and participation required to drive the involvement forward for mutual benefit in the ever evolving era of an online based customer marketplace.

We do not ask for minimum commitment or capital outlay instead we partner you in any way that we can based on a choice of adaptable proven models which are tailored to your area and end Customer demographics. Modules are designed to fit into your existing format or requirements, whether you are looking for an alternative supplier as a current window blind manufacturer and/or retailer, adding window blinds as a bolt on to your existing related business or you are looking to set up a new venture with or without the need for training. We will have the perfect solution to your individual position.